My first foray into mobile gaming. I got tired of installing educational games for my kids that require payment after 1 or 2 free ones. Either that or it requires signing up.

I don’t mind getting free app with ads. So long it’s not AFTER EVERY SINGLE play. And so here it is, a pre-schooler app with the requirements that I have laid out.

The app currently consists of 8 games:
1) Letters – learning to associate capitals and lower case
2) Count – learning to count (need parental guidance at first, methinks)
3) Colours – learning 10 basic colours
4) Shapes – 26 shapes
5) Jigsaw – mostly for common sense
6) Patterns – probably the hardest game in this app for the toddler
7) Sizes – a fun way of arranging things while learning about sizes
8) Phonics – the start to forming sentences / reading, which is placed last as it leads to the next stage of learning

The plan is to create more content if the game is well received. It’s released under Corey Scott cos I am technically working for him. I do sometimes wonder if it should go under a “company” name as it seems that people tend to trust companies more than individuals especially when it comes to kids’ education. /shrug

I was surprised that Google gave it a Teachers Approved rating. Whoo-hoo! I mean, looking at other apps, mine is not exactly what you would call “exciting” or “super engaging” with tonnes of voiceovers and animations and fancy feedbacks. I do admit it is a simple game that perhaps focuses on practice and repetitive learning, but hopefully it’s random enough each time to entice kids to play again and again.

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