Ok, let me rephrase. SOME social media sites are like bad friends.

I had an epiphany. I could liken social media pages to real life good and bad friends.

You know how sometimes you have friends irl that makes you feel inadequate, who talks you down, who condescends and make you doubt yourself? Well, so does social media. Of course like in real life, there are good social media accounts too. Those that lifts you up and inspires you.

But today, we are talking about bad friends – bad social media accounts.

Bad social media accounts are those that lies and doesn’t tell you the truth. It paints a picture of perfection and beauty that is quite unachievable without the glitter, gloss and filter painted over it. It leads you to believe that this perfection is achievable without all the ugly to the other side of coin…. Until it couldn’t be held in any longer and the bubble bursting at the seams. That that is when the bad spills out. And like it real world when that happens, people avoid you like a leper, talk behind your back and pour fake love (those short and useless comforting comments) and then leave you – moving on to another shiny.

And maybe it’s because of that. Because they are so worried about the repercussions, that these bad social media are constantly on the need to portray only the good. Because people cannot handle the truth. People don’t want the truth. People want this “inspiration” but unbeknownst to them they are damaging themselves with this utopia that can only be attained in their fantasy. So I suppose it goes both ways. Some social media accounts are bad, and so are some of the people looking in. The demand feeding the supply and round and round it goes.

If only if the truth was told from the beginning. No lies. Just plain old honesty. A story told in truth. Life would be so much less stressful – for the poster and those who are visiting.

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