.. If each and everyone of us work together. Coming together with concerted effort by playing our part – every individual from CEOs to every child.

Hyperconsumerism is killing our planet. The increasing need to buy and consume is terrifying. Buying because you can is not the reason for buying. And on top of that, to be able to buy something instantly isn’t helping either. When you buy wantonly, it only leads to more rubbish in the landfill because you put zero value on it. It’s just another thing that can be chucked out when you feel like it.

Of course, it’s not easy to buy with deliberation all the time. Not with all the ads bombarding the little screens in front of you. Not with influencers telling you how good something is and how you really need it. Marketing via ads be it in magazines, newspapers, websites, or youtube wasn’t as effective anymore and now they have reached out to “influencers” to get people to buy. And guess what? Influencers are happy to hop onto the wagon to sell you more of the stuff you don’t need. Like the companies, they are now out to earn a buck from anyone. Zero responsibilities given. It doesn’t matter if they believe in the product or not. So long they are getting paid. It doesn’t matter if it’s functional or not, so long it’s aesthetically pleasing. Doesn’t matter if it gets gullible and impulsive people to use their necessity funds to buy unnecessary items or not, so long it “elevates” their life, making them look “rich”.

Unfortunately, the hardest things to do are the most satisfying in the long run. In this case, controlling your impulses to buy that new something. To stop short of hitting the buy button and instead sit back and give it time to simmer and stew and see if that want rolls to a boil or dies off. To stop yourself from getting sucked into the need of having what others have. To want more for the sake of having more. To only buy after thinking it through. It is up to every one of us.

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