We Can Save Earth

.. If each and everyone of us work together. Coming together with concerted effort by playing our part – every individual from CEOs to every child. Hyperconsumerism is killing our planet. The increasing need to buy and consume is terrifying. Buying because you can is not the reason for buying. And on top of that, […]

Social media is like a bad friend

Ok, let me rephrase. SOME social media sites are like bad friends. I had an epiphany. I could liken social media pages to real life good and bad friends. You know how sometimes you have friends irl that makes you feel inadequate, who talks you down, who condescends and make you doubt yourself? Well, so […]

Cavern Drone

Release of the second game. Since I’m still learning the ins and outs of game building, I wanted to make yet another simple game but one that targets a more general set of users, which includes adults. Plus, it wouldn’t hurt to be able to show a variety of ads instead of only those child-safe […]

Toddler Game on Play Store

My first foray into mobile gaming. I got tired of installing educational games for my kids that require payment after 1 or 2 free ones. Either that or it requires signing up. I don’t mind getting free app with ads. So long it’s not AFTER EVERY SINGLE play. And so here it is, a pre-schooler […]